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Speak the Cloud: A Guide to Vaping Terminology

Welcome to “Speak the Cloud” – your ultimate guide to understanding vaping terminology. In this comprehensive article, we’ll explore the language of vaping, delving into the most common terms and jargon you’re likely to encounter in the world of e-cigarettes. We’ll also highlight the superior products and innovative technologies of VODO BAR, a leading manufacturer and supplier in the vaping industry.

A Guide to Vaping Terminology

A Lexicon of Vapology

Before diving into the specifics of our products, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the lingo. From atomizers to mods, and from cloud chasing to sub-ohm vaping, the vaping world is filled with unique terminology. Whether you’re a first-time vaper or an experienced aficionado, a strong command of vaping terminology can significantly enhance your vaping experience.

The Superiority of VODO BAR

At VODO BAR, we are not just manufacturers; we are pioneers at the forefront of vaping technology. Our brand, a subsidiary of GreenVape Wellness Technologies Co., Ltd., is renowned for its relentless pursuit of innovation.

Our Research & Development team comprises top-tier scientists and engineers with over 150 SCI publications and 30 patents to their names. This expertise is reflected in our high-quality products, such as the VODO BAR BB6000 and the VODO BAR F7000.

Unique Vaping Experiences

One of our distinguishing features is our use of supramolecular technology in creating e-liquids. This innovative approach allows us to perfectly replicate traditional tobacco flavors while introducing a range of unique, plant-based essences. Whether you’re a traditionalist or an adventurer, VODO BAR’s product range has something to offer.

Customization and Flexibility

We understand the diverse needs of the global market, and we excel in product customization. Catering to specific market trends and offering both branded and white-label solutions, we provide our partners with the flexibility to market these products under their own brand names.

Superior Materials for a Superior Experience

Our commitment to innovation extends to our choice of materials. We’ve achieved notable breakthroughs in battery technology, heating elements, and oil storage solutions, ensuring not only a superior vaping experience but also enhanced safety and reliability.

Looking to the Future

The vaping industry is ever-evolving, with new trends surfacing regularly. To stay updated, check out VODO BAR’s blog on Starting Right: A Beginner’s Guide to E-Cigs. You’ll find invaluable insights into what’s upcoming in the vaping world.

Partner with VODO BAR

Whether you’re looking to distribute our branded products or seeking a reliable OEM partner for your private label, VODO BAR is your gateway to excellence in the vaping industry. We offer competitive discounts for bulk purchases, reinforcing our commitment to quality and affordability.

Speak the cloud fluently with VODO BAR – your partner in premium vaping experiences.


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This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.