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VODO BAR’s Breakthrough in Detachable Battery Technology for E-Cigarettes

The application of detachable batteries in e-cigarettes is expanding rapidly. Traditionally, both disposable and refillable e-cigarettes used built-in batteries, which posed environmental pollution risks when discarded. However, VODO BAR has successfully developed a new solution, marking a significant advancement in e-cigarette technology.

VODO BAR’s Innovative Detachable Battery Solution

VODO BAR’s new detachable battery technology is a game-changer for the e-cigarette industry. This solution addresses the environmental concerns associated with built-in batteries by allowing users to replace and recycle batteries more efficiently. Our advanced battery system, integrated with the latest EcoDrain™ technology, ensures safe and eco-friendly battery disposal.

EcoDrain™ Technology: EcoDrain™ is a cutting-edge battery discharge technology designed to set new industry standards for ecological battery management. This technology efficiently addresses the challenges of disposing of used batteries, ensuring they are safely discharged before recycling. EcoDrain™ significantly reduces the risk of fire hazards and minimizes the harmful environmental impact of battery waste.

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Key Features of EcoDrain™:

  1. Fire Hazard Reduction: By safely discharging batteries before disposal, EcoDrain™ minimizes the risk of fire, ensuring safer battery handling and storage.
  2. Environmental Protection: The technology actively reduces the environmental impact of battery waste, promoting sustainable practices in the vaping industry.
  3. High-Efficiency Discharge: EcoDrain™ uses patented technology to provide a highly efficient and safe battery discharge method, making it a reliable solution for managing e-cigarette battery waste.

Advantages of Detachable Batteries:

  1. Environmental Benefits: The shift to detachable batteries is driven by increasing environmental concerns surrounding disposable e-cigarettes. Many countries, including New Zealand, have implemented regulations requiring all e-cigarette devices sold to be equipped with detachable batteries starting from September 2023.
  2. Extended Device Life: Detachable batteries extend the lifespan of e-cigarette devices, reducing the need for frequent replacements and thereby cutting down on electronic waste.
  3. User Convenience: With detachable batteries, users can easily replace old batteries without discarding the entire device, ensuring a continuous and seamless vaping experience.

The Role of Supercapacitors in Detachable Batteries:

Supercapacitors, also known as ultra-capacitors, are a prominent choice for detachable batteries due to their superior performance characteristics:

  1. Rapid Charging: Supercapacitors can charge to 95% of their rated capacity within 10 seconds to 10 minutes.
  2. Long Lifespan: These batteries offer a deep charge-discharge cycle lifespan of 1 to 500,000 cycles, with no “memory effect.”
  3. High Power Density: With a power density of 300W/kg to 5000W/kg, supercapacitors outperform traditional batteries by 5 to 10 times.
  4. Environmental Friendliness: The production, usage, storage, and disposal of supercapacitors involve no pollution, making them an ideal green power source.
  5. High Safety and Maintenance-Free: These batteries have a simple charge-discharge circuit and require no maintenance, enhancing their safety profile.
  6. Wide Temperature Range: Supercapacitors function efficiently between -40°C and +70°C, making them suitable for various environmental conditions.

Future Applications: The success of VODO BAR’s detachable battery technology is not limited to disposable e-cigarettes. This innovation holds potential for broader applications, including refillable e-cigarettes, CBD vaporizers, and heated tobacco products (HNB). The ability to safely and efficiently manage battery life and disposal will drive further advancements and sustainability in the vaping industry.

Conclusion: VODO BAR’s breakthrough in detachable battery technology represents a significant milestone in the quest for environmentally friendly vaping solutions. By incorporating advanced technologies like EcoDrain™ and supercapacitors, VODO BAR is setting new standards for safety, efficiency, and sustainability in the e-cigarette industry.

Stay Tuned: VODO BAR continues to innovate, with more updates and new products featuring detachable battery technology on the horizon. For more information about our latest developments and product offerings, visit VODO BAR’s shop official website VODO BAR’s Wholesale website or contact us at zenghualong@magicmateltd.com. Join us in pioneering the future of vaping technology!


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This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.