WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Technical Innovations in VODO BAR’s Heating Not Burning (HNB) Products

In recent years, the e-cigarette industry has seen significant technological advancements. One of the standout innovations is the development of Heating Not Burning (HNB) technology. Today, we delve into various aspects of HNB technology and highlight VODO BAR’s latest advancements in this area.

1. What is Heating Not Burning (HNB)?

Heating Not Burning (HNB), also known as low-temperature cigarettes, combines a heating device and specially treated tobacco sticks. The device heats the tobacco to a temperature sufficient to release vapor without combustion, providing a smoking-like experience. HNB products offer reduced harm compared to traditional cigarettes and replicate the authentic taste and throat hit, offering a near-traditional smoking alternative.

2. History of Heating Not Burning Development

The development of HNB products parallels that of e-cigarettes, driven by the global demand for healthier smoking alternatives. Since 1988, major tobacco companies have introduced various HNB products, including carbon and electric heating methods. Despite initial challenges with taste and acceptance, the introduction of Philip Morris International’s first-generation IQOS in 2015 revolutionized the market, leading to widespread adoption and innovation.

3. Key Technologies in HNB Devices

HNB devices involve several key technologies, including heat sources, heating elements, control systems, tobacco formulations, additives, adsorbents, and overall structural design. The core technologies focus on creating an efficient heating mechanism and precise temperature control to enhance performance.

4. Structure of HNB Products

HNB products consist of a heating device and heat sticks. The device typically includes a battery compartment, temperature control system, heating chamber, and body. Heat sticks are composed of a smoking section, cooling section, and filter section. The heating chamber heats the smoking section, releasing vapor that is cooled and filtered before inhalation.

5. Heating Methods in HNB Devices

Current HNB devices use three main heating methods:

  • Central Heating: Efficient heat utilization with good insulation.
  • Ring Heating: Large heating area with high thermal efficiency.
  • Composite Heating: Provides uniform heating with a large surface area, enhancing thermal performance and battery life.

6. Leading Brands in the HNB Market

Internationally, brands like VODO BAR, IQOS, iFuse, glo, Ploom, Revo, and lil dominate the HNB market. Domestically, brands include COCO, UWOO, FreeM, and local Chinese tobacco companies like MOK, MC, Webacco, Kungfu, MU+, and ING.

7. Differences Between HNB Products and Traditional Cigarettes

HNB heat sticks can be tobacco-containing or non-tobacco. Tobacco-containing sticks offer nicotine and smoke similar to traditional cigarettes. Non-tobacco sticks use advanced processing to release vapor akin to traditional smoke. HNB devices heat tobacco to around 350°C, significantly reducing harmful substances compared to traditional cigarettes, which burn at 600°C-800°C and produce over 4000 harmful chemicals.

8. Differences Between HNB Devices and Conventional E-Cigarettes

Both HNB and conventional e-cigarettes reduce harm by avoiding combustion. However, e-cigarettes vaporize nicotine-infused liquid, often with added flavors, while HNB devices heat actual tobacco or plant material, providing a more authentic smoking experience.

VODO BAR’s Commitment to Innovation

As a leader in the industry, VODO BAR continues to innovate in both HNB and traditional e-cigarette technologies. Our latest product, the VODO BAR H20000, showcases significant technological advancements, offering an unparalleled user experience. VODO BAR is dedicated to providing healthier, more efficient e-cigarette solutions, maintaining a leading position in the industry.


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This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.