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VODO BAR’s Success with Detachable Battery Technology and H20000 Series

On June 12, 2024, the World Vape Show officially opened in Dubai, where Mate Magic unveiled over twenty new products under its globally leading e-cigarette brand, VODO BAR. With a focus on four major trends, VODO BAR is redefining innovation in the industry.

Through continuous innovation, VODO BAR has made breakthroughs in atomization technology, innovative design, rich functionality, and a diverse flavor library. This goes beyond traditional disposable and refillable product categories, showcasing Mate Magic’s long-term commitment to adult users worldwide and driving rapid industry development.

“At this exhibition, we are eager to share our latest achievements in product development and innovation with global adult users, especially in the Middle East,” said Alex Z, spokesperson for VODO BAR. “We have been dedicated to ensuring that our e-cigarette products meet the harm reduction needs of more users globally, inspiring industry transformation.”

Alex Z, VODO BAR’s General Manager for the Middle East and Africa, stated: “In addition to product development and atomization technology breakthroughs, this exhibition marks the official entry of the VODO BAR brand into the UAE market. Previously, we tested the waters in surrounding regional markets, carefully listening to industry feedback and focusing on enhancing the end-user experience – which is the right direction. By the end of 2024, the UAE market for e-cigarette products is expected to reach $68.5 million. We are very excited to explore market potential with our partners and discover more opportunities.”

Innovations in Atomization Technology

In atomization technology, VODO BAR has upgraded its core atomization technology from the previous QUAQ integrated solution, introducing dual mesh (DUAL MESH) and triple mesh (TRIPLE MESH) products. These designs provide finer atomized vapor, stronger atomization effects, and longer atomizer lifespan, pushing the development of atomizers to new heights.

Utilizing DUAL MESH technology, VODO BAR has launched the open-pod system devices, H20000 and F7000, at this exhibition. DUAL MESH technology in the VODOX PRO offers up to 45W of output power, demonstrating VODO BAR’s continued excellence in the open-pod category.

Similarly, with DUAL MESH technology, VODO BAR introduced the new VODO BAR H20000. The dual coil structure reduces coil wear during use, extending the usage cycle.

Additionally, VODO BAR introduced its first triple mesh product, H20000. As the industry’s first product with this technology, VODO BAR H20000 features three mesh coils, corresponding to three adjustable airflow modes.

VODO BAR 20k puffs
VODO BAR 20k puffs

Innovative Designs and Form Factors

VODO BAR is redefining existing product forms by translating design and research inspiration into real products, enhancing the adult user experience through increased puff counts and a broader flavor selection.

The VODO BAR EW9000 latest e-cigarette kit, launched a few weeks ago in the UAE, drew wide attention at the exhibition. As VODO BAR’s first modular magnetic product, the EW9000 includes a replaceable pod and an 820mAh rechargeable single device. The magnetic design connects the two parts, offering a fun and stress-relieving experience with up to 9000 puffs of lasting performance.

The H20000 series, one of VODO BAR’s flagship lines, is particularly noteworthy. This series incorporates advanced detachable battery technology, which not only extends the device’s lifespan but also significantly reduces environmental impact. The H20000 series features high-capacity batteries and offers robust performance, making it a leader in the e-cigarette market.

Smart Designs for Immersive Experience

To provide a more immersive experience for global adult consumers, more intelligent and interactive features have been incorporated into the product design and functionality at this exhibition, including large displays and increased atomization power.

The VODO BAR H20000 PRO offers the industry’s largest HD display, while the VODO BAR OS15000 features the industry’s first transparent screen, showing real-time e-liquid and battery levels. These practical innovations further enhance the user experience.

Rich Flavors and More Choices

VODO BAR offers a wide variety of flavors, with a unique fragrance that sets it apart. The extensive flavor library, with nearly 1000 options, fuels continuous product development. In addition to diverse product designs, the research team is committed to developing new flavors, continuously exploring a wider range of raw ingredients and processes to meet diverse consumer needs.

Commitment to Product Quality

VODO BAR places product quality at the strategic core, considering it the essence of product development. The routine quality assessment covers 142 e-liquid tests, 22 aerosol tests, and 65 product tests. In April 2024 alone, there were 6174 tests conducted on e-liquid ingredients in market products.

Mate Magic’s intelligent manufacturing partners have over 50 fully automated production lines, producing high-quality products in hygienic and sterile environments for global users.

“We urge adult users to purchase products through official channels and use the QR code on the packaging to verify product authenticity,” said Alex Z, General Manager for the Middle East and Africa at VODO BAR. “Fake products are rampant in the Middle East market. Globally, we have collaborated with local regulators to combat 229 enterprises involved in the manufacture, sale, and transportation of counterfeit products. Consumer participation is also crucial in fighting counterfeit goods.”

USA Vape Exhibution

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a global leader in the e-cigarette industry, Mate Magic adheres to environmentally friendly and sustainable development principles. VODO BAR has pioneered disposable product recycling initiatives, actively fulfilling corporate social responsibility.

In April 2023, VODO BAR launched the GreenAwareness disposable e-cigarette recycling program in the UK, collaborating with local recycling services for collection, dismantling, and recycling. By April 2024, Mate Magic had placed recycling bins in nearly 2000 retail outlets across the UK, recycling nearly 200,000 units, weighing over 5.6 tons. The GreenAwareness recycling program will expand to more brands and markets in the coming months, with plans to set up recycling points at over 4000 retail terminals worldwide this year.

Mate Magic has also initiated the “Lighthouse” youth protection program, proactively ensuring that e-cigarette products are “invisible, unheard, and unattainable” to teenagers. This involves strict self-regulation across product development, marketing, promotion, and sales to prevent youth access to e-cigarettes.

In June, Mate Magic will release its first ESG report, highlighting efforts in sustainable development.

Vodo bar exhibution USA
Vodo bar exhibution USA

Mate Magic, one of China’s earliest e-cigarette exporters, has grown to become a leading foreign trade enterprise. From 2018 to 2021, Mate Magic launched well-known e-cigarette brands such as VODO BAR, becoming a leader in globalization, branding, and compliance in China’s e-cigarette industry.

Currently, Mate Magic’s business spans over 100 global markets, serving more than 30 million adult users. VODO BAR products lead the market share in major regions like Europe and America.

For more information about VODO BAR’s innovative vaping solutions and product offerings, visit VODO BAR’s official website or contact us at zenghualong@magicmateltd.com. Join the vaping revolution with VODO BAR!


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This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.