WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

VODO BAR Elevates Vaping with Eco-Conscious E-Liquids from Zhenwei Bio

In the dynamic realm of vaping, VODO BAR is charting new territories with its innovative 20000 puffs e-cigarettes, a monumental stride in both vaping technology and environmental stewardship. This leap forward is powered by a unique collaboration with Zhenwei Bio, a supplier renowned for its dedication to sustainability and eco-friendly practices in the production of vaping e-liquids.

Zhenwei Bio: Pioneering Sustainable Vaping Solutions

Founded with a profound respect for the environment, Zhenwei Bio has consistently placed environmental protection and social responsibility at the core of its mission. Their active participation in global initiatives such as the “Earth Hour” reflects their commitment to sustainability and reducing carbon footprint, further establishing their role as a leader in eco-conscious production practices.

Zhenwei Bio’s achievements in environmental and sustainable development are noteworthy. In 2023, the company was awarded a “B” rating by CDP, recognizing its efforts in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and protecting water and forest resources. Additionally, Zhenwei Bio is among the first in the vaping e-liquid industry to implement and be recognized for its ISO14064 certification, solidifying its position as a frontrunner in environmental management and greenhouse gas reduction.

The Collaboration: A Synergy of Innovation and Responsibility

VODO BAR’s decision to source e-liquids from Zhenwei Bio for its 20000 puffs models is a testament to our shared vision of promoting a healthier lifestyle and a greener planet. Zhenwei Bio’s cutting-edge purlava printed ceramic heating technology, mesh core platform, and cotton core V technology form the backbone of VODO BAR’s latest offerings, ensuring an unmatched vaping experience that is both enjoyable and eco-friendly.

Zhenwei Bio’s dedication to environmental sustainability is reflected in its rigorous standards and innovative approaches, including:

  • Innovative Ceramic Heating Technology (purlava): Ensuring safety and flavor integrity with food-grade ceramics and exclusive heating wire technology.
  • Mesh Core Platform: Offering rapid wicking and stable heating for a rich vaping experience, made possible by Zhenwei Bio’s unique wicking formula.
  • Cotton Core V Technology: Highlighting simplicity and reliability with a multi-level liquid guiding structure that ensures stable liquid supply and leak prevention.

Leading the Way Towards a Greener Future

Through this collaboration, VODO BAR not only sets new benchmarks for product quality and innovation but also emphasizes the importance of environmental responsibility in the vaping industry. Zhenwei Bio’s remarkable strides in sustainable practices and certifications, including CDP ratings and ISO14064, reinforce the commitment to a greener future.

Embrace the Change with VODO BAR

VODO BAR’s 20000 puffs e-cigarettes, powered by Zhenwei Bio’s eco-conscious e-liquids, invite you to experience the future of vaping — where every puff not only promises unparalleled satisfaction but also contributes to a healthier planet. Join us in this revolutionary journey, where innovation meets responsibility, and together, let’s set new standards for the vaping industry.

Embrace the future with VODO BAR, and together, let’s vape towards a greener, more sustainable world.


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This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.