WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

VODO BAR Revolutionizes Vaping with Advanced Technology: Introducing the 12000 and 20000 Puffs

VODO BAR, a trailblazer in the vaping industry, is elevating the vaping experience with the introduction of its innovative 12000 and 20000 puff models. This new lineup signifies a giant leap in vaping technology, akin to the pioneering spirit and technological advancements previously seen in companies like Heyuan Group. With a commitment to “innovating vaporization technology to improve human health,” VODO BAR is at the forefront of providing one-stop vaping solutions that encompass a wide range of needs and preferences across the globe.

A New Benchmark in Vaping Innovation

VODO BAR has adapted and advanced the core technologies that set companies like Heyuan Group apart, integrating these into the heart of our product development. The 12000 and 20000 models are a testament to this, offering an unparalleled vaping experience with features that cater specifically to the Western market’s preferences.

Pioneering Ceramic Heating Technology: purlava

Following intensive research and development, VODO BAR has embraced the purlava ceramic heating technology, ensuring safety, flavor integrity, and a memorable vaping experience. Our PURLAVA atomizer core, combined with dual Omega airflow technology, liquid-gas separation technology, and condensation management, guarantees world-class safety, taste, and structural protection.

Mesh Core Platform

Our MESH core platform stands out for its rapid wicking, minimal carbon buildup, and stable heat generation. Utilizing VODO BAR’s proprietary wicking formula, these atomizers not only provide excellent lock-in for liquids but also ensure smooth flow and utmost safety.

Cotton Core V Technology

The Cotton Core V platform embodies simplicity and reliability, with a multi-level liquid guiding structure that smoothens liquid supply and effectively addresses the industry’s issue of spitting. It guarantees no leakage across any environment.

How VODO BAR Ensures Safety in E-Cigarettes

Advancements in Heated Tobacco Products

ATNE Resistance Heating Technology

VODO BAR has innovated within the heated tobacco realm with its 3D spiral heating element, which outperforms in strength and energy efficiency. The ATINE heating pin, with its increased bend strength and larger heating area, promises a quicker tobacco flavor release and a longer lifespan.

breelight Infrared Heating Technology

Our world-first breelight infrared heating solution optimizes flavor release while ensuring safety. By directly transferring heat to the vaporizing material, it maximizes the efficiency of nicotine and flavor essence release, enriching the user experience.

INSHEAT Electromagnetic Heating

The INSHEAT electromagnetic heating technology marks a significant breakthrough, offering rapid preheating and consistent heat replenishment. This advanced thermal management ensures an even temperature distribution, fulfilling the performance requirements of various tobacco types.

Specialized in Medical Vaporization

VODO BAR leverages nanotechnology in traditional Chinese medicine vaporization, offering a revolutionary method of drug delivery that enhances absorption and efficacy. Additionally, our ultrasonic nebulization platform stands out for its low-temperature efficiency, preserving the effectiveness and safety of medicaments.

Functional Substance Vaporization: A Safer Alternative

In collaboration with leading institutes, VODO BAR has developed safe alternatives to traditional consumption methods for substances like arecoline, utilizing vaporization technology to reduce health risks significantly.

VODO BAR’s commitment to innovation mirrors the pioneering achievements of technology leaders, propelling us forward in our mission to enhance human health through advanced vaporization solutions. Our new 12000 and 20000 puff models are not just vaping devices; they represent the pinnacle of technological advancement in the vaping industry, promising an unmatched experience for users around the world. Join us in this revolutionary journey and experience the future of vaping with VODO BAR.


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This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.